Monday, May 3, 2010

Their Journey Begins



I chose this piece by Lois Morrison entitled "Their Journey Begins" I believe it is the third part of a series of works done by Morrison called "The Hollow Dolls". I felt this piece was really creepy and stark. Once you get past the cover the inside is completely black and white save for the two dismembered dolls. These dolls, one only a torso, the other missing it's head, star as the main characters of this book. The story tells of their pointless wandering through the foliage. Despite the lack of traditional plot, the book was still enjoyable to read and look at.

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  1. Great examples of rhythm and pacing-- the story is broken and syncopated by the turning of the pages. I love how the horizon line extends through the whole book, as if they are moving through a space that extends the length of the pages. Good example.