Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Your Workbook

As listed in the syllabus, your workbook (also known as your sketchbook) is worth 10% of your grade. I will be grading your sketchbooks on Friday during your progress reviews. I will be looking for the following:

-6 distinct shades of gray created from hatching and cross hatching (we began this in class on 2/2)
-Rule of thirds (assigned in class on 2/12)
-5 mock-up sketches for project 1 (due 2/12)
-final mock-up sketch for project 1 (due 2/15)
-2 half hour still life sketches of thematically related objects (due 3/2)
-1 hour sketch of thematically related objects (due 3/2)
-printed picture (as in taken with a camera) of the objects you used in your at home still life due 3/2)
-4 still life drawings done from nature (2 in class, 2 out of class -- due 3/12)

**All of the above homework has already been given to you, and as such should already be completed. None of the above is intended to be new to you in any way.**

Reminder: You must also bring all the work we've done in class. This includes all the contour drawings, subtractive drawings, composition exercises, etc. -- if you drew it, you should bring it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's Due Friday

Two half hour drawings in your sketchbook. Focus on objects found in nature (try manageable objects such as leaves, twigs, rocks). Remember, focus on shading -- first draw the outlines and then shade around and against the outlines. Which side of the outline is darker?

Also, bring everything you've done in this class on Friday. We'll be having short, individual midterm reviews where I'll be giving you your midterm grades and we can discuss your progress.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

review about the video

When we watched a video, I learned many things about the drawing. Drawing can be anything. It can be action, creation, concentration and etc... I liked many artists' artwork especially one artist who cut papers and made the work into 3-d. It looked really cool to me. I also like the work when the artist used water and ink. The ink was following the water and created drawing. The video was kind of documentary so it was kinda boring but I enjoyed watching the video.

Response to video

What I liked about the video was the variance in the styles of the art. My favorite art was the lady with the detached designs that were surreal; I love art that makes you wonder and think and see new things which wouldn't be there normally. my least favorite was the eggshells ... to me it just seemed messy, not artsy.


When watching the movie, I really liked the one artist who took people's doodles and considered them into his artwork. Of course this was literally drawing, as opposed to some of the other artists, but it was still nice that he thinks to not overlook the little things in life. I personally find doodles very interesting and once did a whole project on the sort of psychology behind them, so it was cool to see that I wasn't the only one out there that has an appreciation for doodling. Also, I thought it was really cool how he kind of drew with water and then dropped ink into it to see where it would go and what kind of an effect he would get on the paper. He seems very innovative and unique, while at the same time kind of modest, and I really enjoyed listening to all that he had to say.

Video with Patrick

Watching a short documentary about different artists was interesting and fun. Before, I thought about drawing as something for what pencil is absolutely necessary; however the opposite is true. Drawing means anything from using an actual pencil to burning, scorching, sawing, cutting and so on. The artists in the video had different approaches to create their art. They used all kinds of materials and many different techniques. I liked the piece where the woman artist used egg shells in her work. I can imagine how cautious she had to be to work with such a delicate material.


I like some artists form that video. Especially the man who make some collage first and them into really simple, abstract, was very interesting. Also a woman who cut the paper and makes so many leaf shapes was also interesting. Her works, just like others, take lots of efforts and at the end, the every little shape make really cool and beautiful picture. I think there are some casual facts like the angle of little leafs. They are different but general shape is similar. Anyway drawing maybe is the most direct way to express feelings. And there are many kind of ways.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Clip

I loved watching the different artists talk about their different approaches to their personal pieces. My favorite was the artist who drew only the things that say, "stone and water." She draws whatever propels her. Another artist said how any marks made by people is art. Things that people write down or doodle and then throw away is art. One artist, Ken Landauer, thinks in words as well as images. Ula Einstein produces threadings, scratchings, scorchings, trackings, markings, wirings, weaving, and whatever else will make a mark. She uses ritual in terms of creating her own ritual. She has a wide approach to art and says that there is something about the accident at play. There was something that Charlotte Schultz said that I found really beautiful: fabric of our space keeps us on the surface as we slide down into its depression. All of these artists show such passion about their art, they're almost poets, some that express their gut-feelings in ways only they can understand.


I liked the video of the various artists. They all had unique ways of drawing and making art. The different studios were also really diverse. From what I can remember most of them had a lot of natural light and space. I liked the lady who made hundreds of tiny cuts in different shapes and then popped them out of the drawing. I thought the end product was interesting because if the light were to hit it from different areas the shading would change.

This was a painting by Vincent van Gogh which was very interesting. The colors blend very well and the picture looks almost three dimensional when you are looking at it. It has a cartoon feel but like a live picture, which is hard to explain but i find it very exquisite.