Sunday, January 17, 2010


Instructor: Celine Browning
Class Meeting Times: Tuesday and Friday, 8:20-10:40
Office Hours: By appointment, contact me via email or phone
Phone: (917) 325-9802

Course Objectives:

The main objective of this course is to introduce you to the joy of making. We will delve into the world of visual arts by learning about contemporary art, recreating works by the masters, and exploring the world around us using visual language.

In this class we will explore the basic elements used to create works of art. These will include: line, shadow, gradation, space, volume, symmetry, balance, contrast, tension, and weight. We will explore these elements through the use of different materials such as pencils, pens, ink washes, paints, paper, wire and 3D planes of material. The techniques demonstrated to you will form the basis of several projects that will be given to you throughout the semester.

This class is designed for students with little to no experience in art. As such, progress, rather that skill, will be the basic unit of measurement for this class. In order to further this goal, you are encouraged to take risks, be bold in you design decisions, and fully immerse yourself in the act of making. As this is a college level art class, improving your critical thinking and promoting creative solutions is also a vital aspect of success.