Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Book Artists

Remember, you have a post due Tuesday on book arts. If you're stumped, try looking at some of the artists I've posted in the last few days. Here are a few more book artists / artists that use the book format to look at:

-Keith Smith
-Art Spiegelman
-John Baldessari
-Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts
-Tom Phillips, The Humument
-Ron King, Turn Over Darling
Scott McCarney, In Case of Emergency
-Martine Aballea, Triangle
Conrad Gleber, Meat Book
Allison Cooke Brown
-Emily Martin, Eight Slices of Pie
Johanna Drucker
-Pamela Spitzmueller
-Maddy Rosenberg, Shadow of Descent
Lois Morrison
-Sandra Jackman, On a Darkling Plain
Mary Bennett, German Egypt
Jan Owen
-Meret Oppenheim
-Audrey Niffenegger

The above links don't all contain images, but are rather a place to start in searching for books by these artists.

Also, there is a wonderful, fcomic book called "The Pop-Up Book of Phobias" by Gary Greenberg. I've included some images below. This is a wonderful example of what I have been talking to many of you about-- namely the importance of playing with perspective (how is your viewer entering the scene? are they in the middle of the action or on the sidelines?). Pay special attention to the way the viewer is implicated in the scenes below; the viewer is in the dentist 's chair, looking down at a dirty toilet, looking up from the bottom of a grave, standing on the ledge of a tall building. Because of this shift in point of view, the viewer is drawn into the scene and experiences it more viscerally.

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